C.L. Bevill
C.L. Bevill
C.L. Bevill
The Bubba Mysteries
Bubba Mysteries
When murder happens around a good ol’ boy from the south, what’s a bubba goin’ to do? So, it’s solve them or go to jail. Join Bubba and his family for mysteries and antics. Read More
Mignon Thibeaux Series
Mignon Thibeaux
Mignon rediscovers her southern roots and a world of voodoo, murder, and secrets. Read More
The Lake People Series
Lake People
There’s a black lake with endless waters and a group of people with psychic powers who lives on its shores. Their paranormal stories are full of romance, terror, and adventure. Read More
The Dream Series
Dreams Series
Once the world was normal. Then a sea of dreams washed over it and changed everything. From legendary creatures and people with special powers, it is a struggle to exist. Read More
The Cat Clan Series
Cat Clan
In a world of feline shifters, each one fights to find their fated mates in a dangerous supernatural existence. Read More
Standalone Books
More Books
A sheriff in purgatory, a steampunk adventure after the Civil War, a perilous and hilarious tale of a dead outlaw, oh my. Read More

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