C.L. Bevill
C.L. Bevill
C.L. Bevill

Dragon Moon

Book 6: The Cat Clan Series

About the Book

Kale was once half-human and half-something magical. Now he’s a grizzly shifter and the world is a very different place. He was also trapped in a shadow realm where he found the love of his life and the mate of his dreams. In order to save her, he stayed behind to an uncertain fate.

Tatsu is a dragon princess, the only daughter of the King and Queen of the Drakken. She is also Kale’s mate and once she’d escaped from the shadow realm where they’d been imprisoned, she knew that Kale had to be dead.

Instead both are free and the clock is ticking down to the ceremony for Tatsu’s arranged marriage. In order to get to Tatsu in time, Kale has to use a whole lot of moxie and quite a bit of help from a motley crew of shifters and otherworldly beings. In the meantime, Tatsu is only beginning to realize that the Kale she thought was dead is back and all new and improved, while she’s having to deal with the politics of being part of a royal family, as well as finding her long-lost mate.

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The Details

Published: November 1, 2019
Publisher: C.L. Bevill
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Paranormal Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance